Welcome to Drawn to Fashion, the art and inspiration of Sydney fashion illustrator Marta Madison.

Sydney fashion illustrator

Hi, I am Sydney fashion illustrator Marta Madison and I welcome you to my world of fashion, scarves, greeting cards, and bridal illustrations. My first love is drawing fashion and to create my pieces I use pen, ink, watercolour and digital techniques to build up the colour from my very fluid sketches. I am a bit old school: I hand-draw everything!

My website is divided into six categories:

After an extended absence from the art world, I picked up a paint brush in 2010, having discovered silk painting  and the magic happened for me. I began to sketch fashion again in 2012 and I found a tiny space to rent in the Creative Precinct of St. Leonards where I rediscovered fashion illustration. I have steadily moved into a more dedicated practice with larger art pieces underway.

Zodiac Women Series now available as high quality prints.

Two years ago I sketched out my first idea for what was to become an all-encompassing project: The Zodiac Woman Series. It all started one day when I was doodling, and out popped a very lively dancer.  Libra was born. I thought to myself: I could make something out of this! Please visit my online shop where you can see the finished product and order your posters in A4 or A3.

New book out in 2021

Not content with producing my Zodiac series, I have finished my book “Girl Can Draw”, release date is Jan 2021. Full of lively sketches from a lifetime of fashion illustration, this first volume traces my earliest newspaper ads in the 80s, to recent editorial, online, personal work and conceptual designs. Also full of tips and inspiration for taking your fashion drawing to the next level. For pre-orders email me at: marta@drawntofashion.com.au

I am thrilled to be invited into the stable of artists that are The Illustrators: a group of dedicated and talented artists based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

As a Sydney fashion illustrator I am also an expert artist in the field of fabrics and lace. I was pleased to partner with #abiabridalawards as official artist, where my work was showcased during their annual ABIA bridal awards night. If you want your own bridal portrait done, please visit my bridal art page under the bridal illustration menu. I will work closely with you to capture your day, your dress.

Contact me at marta@drawntofashion.com.au for a free consultation or to discuss your next editorial project.

Instagram:  Follow the Sydney fashion illustrator @drawn2fashion_by_martamadison

Welcome to the colour and quirkiness that makes my world go round.