I am very drawn to fashion.

My work is inspired by the beauty of the female form, but also encompasses flowers, nature and animals. I am foremost an illustrator, with technique grounded in anatomy and the use of light and shadow to indicate the form.

I prefer old school fashion sensibility, mixing graphite and white washes or using silverpoint. I am skilled in watercolors, acrylic, silk painting and three dimensional sculpture in fabric and clay.

Bridal illustration allows me to capture the essence of the bride on her day. And don’t forget the beauty of diamonds! I am captivated by jewellery rendering and am working on three pieces for a client at the moment.

I was thrilled to be invited into the stable of artists that are The Illustrators: a group of dedicated and talented artists based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Nothing stops me in my tracks like a great painting: I feel suspended in time.











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